Jakub Mrozek (李博阳)


Senior Backend Node.js Developer

Integromat.com (10/2013 - 02/2021)

I joined Integromat as the #1 employee in 2013. I mainly worked as a Node.js developer, however in the first 3 years of development before Integromat was publicly released, I participated in many other areas. Most of the time I was developing an abstract layer between Integromat and 3rd party APIs and took care of more than 100 app integrations.

In 2020, Integromat was acquired by Celonis. At that time, Integromat was valued at more than $100 million and now has about 100 employees and external developers.

Co-Founder and Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Teeta.cz (11/2016 - 01/2021)

Teeta.cz was a web-based app that helps sellers with the registration of sales (EET). Teeta quickly became popular a currently has more than 1000 customers. I was fully responsible for building the frontend (React.js) and backend (Node.js) part.

Full Stack PHP / JavaScript Developer

Shopio.cz (W3W.cz) (10/2007 - 10/2012)

W3W is a Prague based company mainly focused on e-commerce and providing video conferencing. I joined W3W as the #1 employee in 2007 as a Lead PHP developer of a new e-commerce platform Shopio.cz.

Tech stack


Prague University of Economics and Business (University of Economics, Prague)

Applied Informatics (2009 - 2014)

About Me

Here are 7 interesting facts about me:

  1. When I was 16, I wrote an e-book about object-oriented programming in PHP. As I discovered later, this book was recommended as material for students in their 4th year at the university I attended. Sadly, I finished my studies after getting a bachelor’s degree in my 3rd year, so I couldn’t study from my book.
  2. I attended several conferences as a speaker. The first one, many years ago, was WebExpo, the largest IT conference in central Europe. This was the first time I lectured in front of hundreds of people. In addition, the whole talk was in English, and until then, I had never spoken in a foreign language for more than 5 minutes. I was scared so I memorized the whole 1-hour talk. Never give up!
  3. I am very interested in language learning. I started learning Mandarin Chinese, the most challenging language, in 2018. Currently, I am able to hold a conversation in 普通话 (Standard Chinese). In 2023, I passed the HSK 4 exam (B2 level).
  4. In 2016, we released a new app called Teeta to help sellers dealing with a new compulsory registration of sales law (EET). It took us only 4 weeks to build a project from scratch. This solution was unique because it issued only web-based receipts. The project attracted so much attention that we were invited to a personal meeting with the Czech Prime Minister.
  5. Between 2017 and 2020 I lived in Asia and worked remotely. I visited all countries in East and South East Asia. I spent most of my time in Japan and China, but I also lived for some time in the central Gobi, in the middle of nowhere.
  6. In 2015, I bought a bicycle and started my 9000 km long tour from Czechia to Azerbaijan.
  7. In 2019, I crossed Taiwan from the northeast to the southern point. It took me about one month and cost me 2 pairs of shoes.